Environmental Educational Park and it's History

The Educational Park Bourazani, an estate of 205 ha, exist since 1916, when the great grand father Evangelos Tassos bought it to be used as a farmyard. For years it served the needs of the familys sheep flocks. In 1974 the first steps were made by the 2nd generation of Tassos family to transform it into a wild game farm. They began to buy animals mostly deers- from Yugoslavia, Italy and Austria, so they create their own animal population. The thoughts of the 3rd generation now to open the estate to the visitors were fulfilled by EEC financial contributions, but mostly due to personal job, efforts, fatigue and persistence.

Thus, today the Park is open to the public 12 months a year during the afternoon hours, and visitors from all countries and ages, sensitive, or not yet to environmental matters, come to the Park every day.

The main aim is the good treatment and attendance of the animals, the preservation of their natural balance, the observation of the animals in their natural environment, as well as to give to the visitors all the useful information on these animals and their biological circles.

The Educational Park BOURAZANI functions as part of the same family enterprise with Hotel Bourazani, and accepts visitors everyday in the afternoon hours during the whole year.